astonishing adventures of lord likley

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Astonishing Adventures of Lord Likley

Happened to glance at the recent visitors section of the blog, when I spied a visit by Lord Likley. Decided to pop in for a visit, just for a minute to see his website, and was caught up by his brilliant writing and amazing prose, about his episodes and escapdes! It is a bit (or, shall a say, more than a bit) risque, but for those with a clever eye for era adventure, I cannot recommend the Amazing Adventures of Lord Likey enough! As my words cannot do it justice, please turn to:


Lord Likely

Oh my!

Many thanks for your wonderful words about my equally wonderful self.

I happened upon your fine web-log quite by accident, and did enjoy my stay, I must say. But now, in recognition of your indisputable good taste, I have thrust you into my own blog-roll, so that others may enjoy your fine fare.

Many thanks again!


– Lord Likely.

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Dear Lord Likley,
It was my pleasure to have your visit to the Heliograph. I must admit, your escapades kept me enraptured to the point I almost fell off of my seat laughing! Smashing work! I look forward to more of your stupendous work in the future!
Dr. Rafael Fabre