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Friday, July 1, 2011

BioShock Infinite – Gameplay, screenshots, and even propaganda!

For those in gaming circles, the release of BioShock Infinite is anxiously awaited as one of the  most groundbreaking visual enterprises this year… and that’s not to mention the injection of a Steampunk background and an era take on politics.  I came across the preview of BioShock’s E3 2011 Demo, which I must admit, kept enraptured for a good while!  I’ve posted it just below…

BioShock Infinite’s E3 2011 Trailer
Heading a bit further down the rabbit hole, I started watching more videos of the upcoming game, including the “Windows into Other Worlds” (explaining your compatriot’s special abilities), how the “sky-lines” transportation system works, and the “Worlds and Enemies feature” (extrapolating more on Infinite’s world background)….

“Windows into Other Worlds” Feature

“Sky-Lines” Feature

“Worlds and Enemies” Feature

Entrance to the Columbia Transit Center 
(a plethora of Sky-lines at this locale!)

After this, I felt the desperate need to pay a visit to the company’s main website!  Same videos, but some amazing screenshot of the game!  The site also has an active forum, screen backgrounds, and much more!  I would certainly recommend a visit to Irrational Game’s virtual tent and take a peek at more of the amazing background, at: !
Not quite sure what these fellows are up to, 
but I’d say its no-good coming at one quickly!
Also, G4 Television will be premiering a 14 minute game-play sequence, come July 7, on “Game TV Trailers”, so do be aware of this as well!  For more information on this, please visit:
More views of beautiful Columbia!

…. and yes, the “propaganda” from BioShock Infinite- 
What appears to be a beverage, tonic, or “vigors”…

and a very nice arms advert!

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I am so excited for this game! As much as I enjoyed Rapture, I look forward to taking to the sky =]

– Jackie