gatehouse gazette issue 9

Monday, November 9, 2009

Gatehouse Gazette, Issue #9

The Gatehouse Gazette has been released (albeit, I hadn’t read it until yesterday), and once again, Mr. Ottens (et. al.) have produced another outstanding issue.  This issue focuses on “Industry” – factories, industrialization during the turn of the century, railways, and many more of the items that are “near and dear” to the heart of those who indulge in Steampunk

Additionally, there are book reviews (the new Boilerplate work, Leviathan, and an interview with the author of “The Alchemy of Murder”), and their excellent columns (including one of my favorites, the Liquor Cabinet, with a review of Martinis – outstanding)!  To enjoy this new issue, please visit…


Nick Ottens

Thanks for the post, sir!

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Always a pleasure to read the Gazette, sir!