pride prejudice winner is

Friday, August 17, 2007

The Pride & Prejudice winner is….

The 1995 BBC version of Pride & Prejudice!

OK, it wasn’t close at all… of the 26 votes placed, 21 (80%) voted for this version, with the remaining votes going to the 1940 version (2 votes – 7%) and the recent movie (2 votes – 7%), and one to the 1980 BBC television show (1 vote – 3%). And yes, that isn’t 100%, but the polls show it winning dramatically, so it wouldn’t be as if a recount would be necessary (lol)!

After speaking with a few individuals, it seems as if this version was truer to the original novel, and had less emphasis upon the lascivious aspects of relationships, as the 2005 movies was supposed to have (ty Mr. Pearse, Miss Yao), spending more time recounting the story instead.

A great thank you to all who participated, with a heartfelt thanks to the Jane Austen Society of Second Life for participating in the poll – your enlightened opinions were sincerely appreciated!

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