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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Results of the Virtual Steampunk Worlds poll, and further updates…

The latest poll results from the poll question regarding ones involvement between Virtual and Real World Steampunk completed a few weeks ago, but a review of the results are enlightening.  Taken from a direct Yes/No involvement, the percentage seem to indicated that a bit over half of all who are involved in Steampunk tend to participate in some sort of Virtual world analogue of Steampunk.

(Note: This graphic is competing to become a “real toy”…

Of course, statistics are always left to interpretation, so a further breakdown is logically in order.  The first two choices involve regular immersion into Virtual Steampunk, and account for approximately 36% of respondents to the poll question.  This is followed by a vague question of occasional involvement in Virtual Steampunk with the definition of vague left to the respondee.  I originally took it to mean involvement of say, once or twice a month, but I postulated that it meant that an infrequent involvement in the medium which accounted for 21% of the answers.  Finally, those who either tried and did not quite find it to their liking, or those who find that Virtual world Steampunk holds little or no interest, accounted for a sizeable 41% of answers.

So, what do these results mean?  Well, I could/would argue that it means that the Steampunk genre is one of the first fictional communities which leverages Virtual technologies (along with existing social mediums) to promote and enhance its existence.  Though one can easily argue that existing virtual world technologies are certainly lacking, and will be more involved in future (Second Life is certainly no Matrix like existence), the ability to design object unique to the genre (e.g. Airships, underwater cities, and the sort) certainly contribute to the overall background of Steampunk.  As the Steampunk Tribune straddles both Virtual and Real Steampunk worlds, I do try to keep up-to-date with the going ons of both, though over time, Ive resorted to maintaining the Steampunk Links to attempt to keep abreast of both!  As always my thanks to all who kindly took part in the survey!

The statistical results of the poll are ass follows

Yes, I am exclusively involved with Steampunk via virtual experiences 38 votes (22%)

Yes, I am involved with Virtual Steampunk and Real World Steampunk circles 24 votes (14%)

I am occasionally involved with Virtual Steampunk 36 votes (21%)

No, I tried “Virtual Steampunk”, but it wasn’t for me 7 votes (4%)

No, I am not interested in “Virtual Steampunk” worlds 62 votes (37%)

Continuing on with social mediums, I have been slowly updating what has become one of the more popular aspect of the blog as of late, the Facebook Steampunk links!  About twenty to thirty more links have been added to the larger subheader (above, under the banner), and I have arranged a work around bloggers limitations, so I will be able to post yet even more links as I locate them.  If a link is not listed, please dont hesitate to leave a comment or send an email regarding this getting the word out is of paramount importance for Steampunk endeavors!

Finally, Ive added more to the subheader under the banner, to highlight more Steampunk related topics.  I do have various items coming and going, until a reasonable mix is reached, but for now

A) I will be adding to the Esty groups as time allows.  If you are a Esty business owner, and wish to have your endeavor listed, please do drop an email with a bit of information and a link.

B) I will be de-rezzing the Steampunk Bazzar next month.  Unfortunatly, it was a good idea in theory, but its execution is both a bit limited, and the Steampunk Facebook listing is much more effective at listing new Steampunk endeavors.  All said, it will be departing in early May.

C) Finally, I will be updated more SL Steampunk items which have gone to the wayside as of late.  The Steampunk Travelouge is back, and the Steampunk Shipyard will be next, with highlights on Nautical Steampunk, and updates on the two major Steampunk Conventions which will pay homage to Mssr. Vernes classic writing this year SteamCon III and TeslaCon!

More to come, so please stay in touch!

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