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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Steampunk Adventures Magazine soon to arrive at Virtual Newsstands Everywhere!

Winferfell Anodyne by Ms. Ms. Tardis

Steampunk Adventures Magazine Soon to Arrive at Virtual Newsstands Everywhere
The partners of Steampunk Adventures in Winterfell Anodyne ( have put together their combined talents to publish a new magazine for distribution in Second Life and via the World Wide Web.  The focus or theme of this magazine will be synonymous with the name, STEAMPUNK ADVENTURES.  It will feature original fiction, art and photography, maker spotlights, and much more.  The first issue is due to be released on August 13th.  Steampunk Adventures is a new lens into the cultural menagerie of literature, fashion, imagery, music and interesting bits you didn’t know you need to know. 
The Steampunk Adventures team has assembled a first rate crew of talented and dedicated individuals to steer this project.  Miss CathyWyo1 Haystack and Mr Onyx Plutonian provide the overall vision.  They have brought on Miss Kitsuko Pelazzi as Chief Editor assisted by M. Gordon Soleil who also brings considerable skill as a writer.  M. Zebrati Merricks and M. Alana Steamweaver are on hand for photographic and literary contributions. Miss Tehanu Marenwolf joins the team as graphics design expert.

Ilse of Skye – Winterfell Anodyne, by Mr. W. Beaumont

This may appear to be a rather thin staff for so great an undertaking.  However, the publishers and editorial staff have opened the doors to all aspiring or established authors, artists, poets, news hounds and adventurers throughout the Second Life grid.  All are invited to become part of the Adventure.  Mr. Plutonian explains, We aim to be an outlet for literary and artistic talent as well as a source of entertainment and information for the many so-called Steamlands communities in Second Life.  In the fine tradition of such publications as Analog Science Fiction and FactAsimovs Science Fiction and Amazing Stories we are open to original submissions of short stories, poetry, photographic and other  visual art that fits within our general themes of Steampunk and Adventure.  Even better, if we publish your work, well pay you for it.  Submission guidelines are available on the Steampunk Adventures In Second Life website ( 

The release date for the First Issue of Steampunk Adventures is set for August 13th.  The magazine will be made available in world as THiNC books at kiosks in the Steampunk Adventures store, on Thistle Hill in Caledon Oxbridge Village ( and other locations throughout the Steamlands.  Off grid the magazine can be read via issuu ( as well as in PDF format on the Steampunk Adventures In Second Life website and blog (  Steampunk Adventures will be released on a monthly pubication schedule thereafter.

A small production introducing the Austral sim

Among the features of this first issue are:
– Exclusive coverage of the Opening Celebration for Austral, the newest nation to join the steampunk community in Second Life.
– An interview with the Governor General of Austral, Mr Alix Stoanes
– An interview with Miss Anna Darwinian, former proprietress of the Steampunk Adventures store
– A Photo Montage of much of the nation of Austral, pictures taken by our photographic staff
– An Original Adventure Story written by Miss Alana Steamweaver.
– Ask a Tiger, our esteemed Executive Publisher and resident agony uncle, Mr Plutonian, answers readers questions.

The Rook settled above Winterfell Anodyne, by Ms. D. Ember

Steampunk Adventures is both a shopping emporium and a soon to be released e-magazine.  The store, located in Winterfell Anodyne (, is a one-stop Emporium carrying everything for your Steampunk or Neo-Victorian outfitting and equipage needs from some of the best designers and builders in Second Life.  The magazine aims to carry the themes of Steampunk and Adventure forward to the distribution of original fiction, artwork and relevant information to the Steamlands.
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Media Contact:
Onyx Plutonian. Co-proprietor and publisher,
onyx.plutonian [at] gmail [dot] com

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