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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Steampunk Dr. Who: “The Next Doctor”

For those who were unable to see the 2008 Dr. Who Christmas (and Steampunk) special (such as myself), here is the first episode. I attemtped to load all seven, but blogger would not cooperate. To see all of them, simply proceed to You Tube, and they will be there (well, at least for now, I suppose). Enjoy!

(A thank you to young Master Jimmy Branagh for the heads up!)


Fuzzball Ortega

Actually, I managed to obtain a copy from elsewhere, and the picture quality is superior than YouTube’s.

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Dear Mr. Ortega,
Could you provide the location of where the better copy can be located?
Dr. R. Fabre

Fuzzball Ortega

Notecard sent to you in world, Doctor. Has the info there.