steampunk dragons

Friday, December 21, 2007

Steampunk Dragons

Steampunk Dragon Egg

(Isle of Wyrms) – A quick notice to those who may be interested… the Isle of Wyrms will have their quarterly dragon avatar auction tomorrow. Not sure of the times, but I do know this only happens four times a year (soltices and equinoxes), and the prices are as follows:

Hatchinglins – L$ 650
Wyrmlings – L$ 2200
Dragons – L$ 3500

You are able to purchase Hatchlings and Wyrmlings at any time, but the Dragons are in high demand and will only be sold tomorrow (Dec 22nd). Although there area number of different dragons potentially available, including the Steam Dragon, expect fierce competition for any dragon. It will be at the Isle of Wyrms (if you wish to research it futhrer), and the off world website is at:

A note: if you are unable to purchase the Steamdragon, it is my understanding that once one purchases any dragon, the rest are availabe for purchase.