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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Steampunk Music: Death of the Cog

Variety is a quality that often adds to the sum of the whole.  As Steampunk slowly but steadily enters the larger conciousness of the general public, more individuals and groups are able to find an outlet for their pent-up skills.  An example of this are the talented gentlemen of “The Cog is Dead”, an up-and-coming group of fellows with an exemplary sound and Steampunk bravado!

“Steam Powered Stories” Promotional Trailer for The Cog is Dead

In addition to their main website, the have three of the (what I would imagine) are selection from their upcoming album (with a release date sometime in “Spring of 2010”, but I’ll keep an ear out for more information, of course).  They take a very hand-on approach to documenting their album’s progress, with updates (on their website and MySpace), and a cacophony of supplemental items and information at their aforementioned sites.

“Death of the Cog” single from The Cog is Dead’s upcoming album

A recent interview of Mr. Sprocket was completed by Altern8 (an ‘zine that covers quite a bit of online and RL topics) and is most certininly worth a read to learn more about the band it and its inspirations.  To read said article, please turn here

Their website is here:

… followed by their MySpace (with more tracks), at:

… and finally their Facebook locale, at:

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