aerodromes and skyships part 2 connolly

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Aerodromes and Skyships, Part 2 – Connolly Airfield in Caledon Penzance and Port Babbage Air Station

Port Babbage Air Station, on the NE corner of the Vernian Sea
Continuing with the series of aerodromes, after a bit of research I was surprised to find a growing selection of WW1 era aircraft growing in popularity. Perhaps because of the old, romantic look of mono/bi/tri planes, perhaps because of the excitement of dogfights depending on pilot skill vice a devices electronics, or for whatever reason, classic SL aeronautics appears to be gaining traction and becoming more popular.

Arrival point at Connolly Airfield

One of its most enthusiastic supporters is RCAF Air Marshal Zoe Connolly, who has two dedicated air stations in SL Victorian and Steampunk sims the Connolly Airfield in Caledon Penzance and the Port Babbage Air Station.


RCAF Connolly Airfield in Caledon Penzance

The largest dedicated airfield in the Independent State, Penzance Air field has a multitude of air craft and supplementary items for the individual inclined to experiencing the golden age of early flight. The dominating landmark is the impressive airstrip, with a number of associated support facilities near by.

Aerial view of Connolly Airfield

The initial tp arrival site provides direct access to the airfield, along with a Cubey Terra vendor, just incase an immediate need for an aircraft is necessary (lol)! Nearby is the Engarde fencing facility and a shooting range, necessary to improve the hand-to-eye coordination needed for battling the sky pirates from the hinterlands (the IBM sims)?

Target range and fencing facilities

The hangar facility has additional aircraft, including a number of aero-machines from Miss Virrginia Tombola (including proper attire for a dashing aviator)! A good number of flight era items (from its RL beginings in the late 1900s and buffering into the Second World War are available.
Shop for supplies at the airfield
Inside the Hangar

A lounging area awaits those who finish their flights and need a bit of refreshment to assist in retelling their exploits, or just to unwind (including a case of Guinness behind the bar thanks, Zoe!)

Open air relaxation and bar, for tea or a stiffer drink
mmmmmm…. Guinness

Port Babbage Air Station

Last week, I had wandered out to the eastern seaboard of Port Babbage for a constitutional, and discovered the lands previously held by the New Babbage Majestic Navy had razed (not rezzed). A couple of days later, the beginnings of a new structure began to sprout up, along with fantastic flying machines in its bowels.
Inside the Port Babbage Hangar

A new facility located on the eastern side of Port Babbage, it is easily one of the larger and imposing buildings in the area. With necessary equipment for flight maintenance, it opens up directly to the Vernian Sea, with a quick starboard bank necessary to avoid the Vernian Lighthouse. (No incidents as of yet, but I am quite certain there will be an eventuality with the lighthouse)

Front-on view of the facilities

I must admit, Im quite enthusiastic about the burgeoning steampunk aero-arena gaining traction, be it lighter or heavier than air, and am certain that if there is any air-borne action, that Air Marshal Connolly will be involved with it somehow!

Looking out from the Hangar… someone will eventually miss this banking turn!….


Baron K. Wulfenbach

Herr Doktor,

What did happen to the Babbage Navy?


Klaus Wulfenbach

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Dear Baron,
Unfortunatly it was disbandoned quitely a couple months ago, so the defense of New Babbage remains in the hand of its militia.
Dr. Rafael Fabre