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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Aethernet Travels: The Hawkins Strongbox

A few weeks ago, the Steampunk Librarian located a unique site titled “The Hawkins Strongbox”.  A change of pace from many other Steampunk-esque blogs, the Hawkins Strongbox follows the unique items in the strongbox, or as the author narrates (from the initial entry)…
On October 17, 2003, a large iron strongbox, dated from the late 19th century, was discovered in the basement of a small house in Duquesne, Pennsylvania. The house was once owned by my grandfather, Cedric Pepper. The house was sold following his death in 1987. The subsequent owner returned the strongbox to my family, as my grandfather was the house’s only previous occupant. That was the beginning of my association with the enigmatic and wondrous Hawkins Strongbox.
An image of Mr. Hawkins sporting a Vanderzee-Deakin Aether III pistol
The narrative of the information is a pleasure to read and each lot has some new item with a intriguing story behind it.  From weaponry to timepieces, plenty of well done images are presented for your enlightenment!  For more details, please visit:

(Yet another “Tip o’ the Hat to the Lovely Steampunk Librarian for this lead – ty!)


Annotated Margins

I ran into the Hawkins Strongbox a little while back. Its wonderful.

Dr. Rafael Fabre

@ Mr. Margins – Indeed, it is a novel work to visit and I am also looking forward to seeing its progression.

Breezy Carver

"Delightful" Share Dear Rafael.. smiles

Jeffrey Pepper

Thanks for the kind words–very much appreciated!

Dr. Rafael Fabre

@ Mr. Peppers – Not at all, sir… thank you for the exceptional work on your site!