The Steampunk Game Universe of Iron Grip

Iron Grip is a Steampunk game world created by the indie studio ISOTX that features multiple games in a vibrant universe. But we are not talking about the games today. There are a lot of creative artist that worked on them and creating the world and we want to showcase their talent.

You can see the level of detail that the artist Monkey-Paw has gone into to create this pirate city for Iron Grip: Marauders. We particularly like the junky-looking boat-like flying steamships, that are looking as if built from what was laying around – exactly how a smugglers’ ship should look like.

Steampunk pirate city
A pirate city from artist Monkey-Paw

The game world is filled with big steam-powered machines. This is steampunk art at its finest. You can see these chunky, enormous spidertanks and other similarly mighty weapons are imagined in the greatest of details:

Steampunk game war machine
Heavy Artillery Arach
Steampunk game tank Arach
Tank Arach
Steampunk game walkers
Iron Grip Walkers

But what is a war game without infantry and what is a Steampunk article without some uniform and apparel design:

Steampunk game uniform
Iron Grip Marauders
Steampunk game heavy infantry
Heavy Infantry
Steampunk game Confederate Templar
Confederate Templar

There was a third Steampunk game in production in this universe that sadly didn’t see the light of day, but we can at least marvel at the creations of artists  smurfbizkit and MichalKus for it:

Steampunk game airship
Iron Grip Heavy Airship
Steampunk game airship
Pirate Airship 3D model

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