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Friday, January 29, 2010

Brass Goggles and the attribution of Images for Steampunk artwork…

SteamPunk Batman, by ~axigan
(or as Mr. Glen Fernandez, freelance artist)

This past Thursday, the 28th of January, Brass Goggles provided a very insightful analysis of a video which made the rounds of the online Steampunk mediums (including the Heliograph), of the upcoming novel “Steamed”.  It did contain numerous previously seen Steampunk works, but unfortunately, the individual who produced the “fan-vid” failed terribly, by not attributing proper credit to the artists whose work was used in its production.  Kudos to BG for this piece of excellent detective work, and to see the details, please turn to the January 28th entry of BG, at:


On the 16th of January, BG posted the above picture of SteamPunk Batman, by a Mr. Glen Fernandez (also known as “axigan” on Deviant Art).  Proper attribution was not provided for this piece of art, even after a request in the comments by “artsnark1” requesting said information/attribution (approximately a week ago).  Not to be the pot calling the kettle black, but though I have made similar errors in the past (and the SL Steampunk community is very kind to quickly point out said errors on my part), when called to task, I have endeavored to address the situation as soon as possible, usually as soon as I made aware of it.  I certainly hope the editor(s) of Brass Goggles rectify their own attribution circumstance in short order.

A link to the Brass Goggles article in question is located here:

Mr. Fernandez’s images and additional excellent artwork, is found at his Deviant art site, located at:

And his own blog with even more art, is located at:

With the SteamPunk Batman image entry located here:

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