building your own steampunk

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Building your own Steampunk flamethrower – a useful DIY project!

With a return back to the Steampunk era, I found this quite useful small project for those who happen to be a bit more DIY-inclined.  This lovely Steampunk device is very yeoman-ly described in a logical and easy-to-construct manner… now I wouldn’t suggest one test it on unsuspecting characters, but it does look like a fantastic weekend project!  Do enjoy the video, and then perhaps pay a visit to Mr. Clegg’s classic production, Arms Race, a Steampunk short, located at:



BE CAREFUL. In many states, building one of these is highly illegal and in some cases can be considered an act of terrorism.

Meg Sarentis

Wow, it looks so simple from that tutorial!