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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Changes to the Heliograph…

Hello! So what has been keeping the updates to a trickle as of late? Well, I have been a bit busy making a number of changes to the Heliograph in the past few weeks, and I am almost done with them for the immediate future (in theory). However, I did wish to recap what has changed and why

The larger screen appearance I felt the standard Blogger templates were too small for the blog, and upon acquiring a larger monitor, I decided to expand the blogs appearance. Additionally, I have been experimenting with different background color, and though I an not quite satisfied with the current background (I was hoping it would appear as older parchment, but I think it just looks pale yellow in retrospect), I felt it was better than the typical retina-burning white that was used before. This will eventually change, but low on the priority list, I would say.

More advertisements I consider myself quite pro-business individual, and do wish to assist hard-working merchants in promoting their products, be it SL in-world prim bending, or RL design and attire. However, I find it odd that though there are brilliant creators working spending large amounts of time on amazing products, their goods never reach their full marketing potential (e.g only a few people know of their products) as no. So to do my small part, I have made an “Advertising Column”, to promote Steampunk goods and products (after all, it is a Steampunk blog), nor to I charge (merchants have a hard enough time running their business, much less having to worry and budget for advertising). If you are running a business that focuses on Steampunk products, and wish for a bit of space here, please contact me at .

More RL Steampunk Fashion links Much to my surprise, after studying my Google Analytics results, there is a strong RL Steampunk contingent that makes frequent visits to the Steampunk Fashion posts. To alleviate having to jump around to different hyperlinks, I have consolidated the links in the Advertisement Column, just under the SL items, in an effort to make finding those links a bit easier.

Removal of the “Steampunk Calendar of Events” After a bit more thought, I felt that it took up too much space, and as I did not keep it up to date, was a bit of a moot point. So it is gone if there are any notable events, I will simply try to make note of it on the main blog column.

Consolidation of Links With Bloggers new hyperlink options, Ive attempted to re-vamp the links I frequent. Though not as detailed as Baron Wulfenbachs masterful link site, it does have the places I do haunt, and as most everything in SL, I try to keep it relatively up-to-date. Again, if you know of a Steampunk or Neo-Victorian link you feel is a good reference (and is updated at least somewhat regularly), please do drop me and email. (I have yet to make a sidebar link for his page, but you can find the plethora of links at: ).

Finally, the new additions A quick glance to the left provides shows what has devoured too much of my time lately, especially since I thought it would only take few minutes to complete. Still, the “Steampunk Travelogue” is a link site for SL Steampunk locales in SL, some of which most people know about, but perhaps a few that arent as well know. I have a few more modifications to make to it (e.g. adding a few more sites, better pictures and descriptions), but it is “ready enough” for public consumption (I think). Again, if there is a Steampunk site in SL you think merits adding, please do let me know of said location. I do have one more “secondary site” to add, but it (as the Travelogue) has taken much longer than anticipated, so I will push its “unveiling” back by a week *sigh*!

That is it for the time being! If you have suggestions on how to improve the blog (e.g. modifications, topics, ect..), please let me know and thanks for visiting the Heliograph!

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