cogwheel magazine issue 1

Monday, May 30, 2011

Cogwheel Magazine, Issue #1

A new periodical in the world of Steampunk – Cogwheel, Issue one, is on the virtual newsstands!  Through the ceaseless efforts of Mr. D.R. Swinhoe perseverance, he has produced an exceptional online magazine, which includes interviews with The Men That Will Be Blamed For Nothing, Mr. Paul Guinan (creator of Boilerplate), Sunday Driver, and many, many more notables in Steampunk circles.  There is plenty to read – comperative Steampunk music analysis, Steampunk DIY projects, and much more to read (personally, I’m reading (and enjoying) Cogwheel)!  
To take a gander, please visit his website, at:
Or go directly to Cogwheel, at:

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