dose of my own medicine

Friday, December 14, 2007

A dose of my own medicine!

Artesia and I enjoying a chilly afternoon topside on the Quarterdeck

(Port Babbage) – I am in the throes of finishing up as much as I can with the Quarterdeck, and have a few other irons in the proverbial fire, so I have been busy as of late, unfortunately. However, I finally had the opportunity to visit Mr. Dayafter’s blog, and pleasantly discovered that he had written a bit on my Establishment (I’ve been blogging here and other places about other’s efforts – its a bit strange to read about my own (lol))!

He was very generous and gentlemanly in describing my store/domicile, and one of the first to compliment me on my “Dogs Playing Poker” art display! Ty, sir!

Needless to say, I visited his site and read his diligent works… and then discovered his associated squidoo shopping site (Dr. Dayafter’s Haberdashery). Filled with rl items a steampunk gentleman would have, he also intersperses it with sage lessons in “Being a Gentleman” 1 through 3, and a primer on letters of introduction. I look forward to more works from Mr. Dayafter!