el investigador en ingles

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

El Investigador, en Ingles!

The outstanding Mexican Steampunk endeavor, El Investigador, has not only taken on the mantle of one of the more prolific online Steampunk works, but in an effort to better work with the many English speaking individuals (of which the genre has a few), they have begun to translate their earlier issues into English.  If you have not indulged in partking of their work, I would highly recommend a trip to their website (located at: http://el-investigador-magazine.blogspot.mx/), and peruse their translated works (which are located on the header of their website), or let Google do its best to translate their newer works!  For more regarding El Investigador, please stop their website, or their frequently updated Facebook location, at: https://www.facebook.com/El.Investigador.Magazine!  Do Enjoy!



Could find no other way to contact you. Nice to know that Saint Louis is high on the poll.

Did you know about this kickstarter?


Kasey Landergren

Please look at this! I saw this and it looked so neat I went out and tried to help in the best way I know how. Maybe you can feature this to help spead the word but it looks like they only have 20 days left to make their goals. Its about a steampunk show 🙁