last exile series now on hulu

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Last Exile series, now on Hulu!

A Vanship Pilot, an image from the Last Exile Manga
Lately I have been keeping busy trying to consolidate the media systems at the abode, including stumbling upon some old DVDs which were squirlled away in some boxes.  One of these small treasures I located was titled “Last Exile”, a Steampunk anime work from “way back” in 2003.  Watched it, and gained a new appreciation for its Steampunk/Dieselpunk infusions, along with the outstanding artwork.

Still image from the Last Exile Anime series

So, why mention this particular anime?  Well, aside from its fantastic art and genre connections, and after doing a bit of research, including a review by Brass Goggles Lord Admiral (from May of 2008), I discovered the entire 26 episode series is on Hulu!

Alas, Hulu doesn’t allow embedding, but I’ve included a snippet from the production, so one can have a peek a the animation.  However, to indulge in *all* 26 episodes, please turn to the Hulu location, right here:
Additionally, the list of the episodes was kindly posted on Wikipedia, at:
Finally, for more information on this work, please consider the following locations:

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