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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

End of the “Most Steampunk ‘Plains’ city poll”, and a new Steampunk city poll..

is…St. Louis!*
*(With an explanation, of course)

Hello and good day!  Its about time to wrap up another poll, though this one had a bit of a twist to it.  The poll started in August, about the most Steampunk city in what might remained of what might be called the Plains states (Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico), and the winner was Other.   As I outlined in the introduction to the associated poll on the Most Steampunk city in the Southeast https://www.steampunktribune.com/2010/09/most-souths-most-steampunk-city-poll.html

I do believe that many voters were under the impression that cities listed under the Plains states poll may have included parts of the Southeast.  As such, the option of Other may have chosen, vice one of the other listed cities.  As such, Id say since I have had not comments on what Other is, nor were there any comments regarding the choice, I shall have to default to the next option and declare St. Louis as the most Steampunk City of the Plains states!  The results were as follows

Other with 29.2% of the vote (33 votes)
St. Louis with 23.89% of the vote (27 votes)
Kansas City (MO/KS) with 15.04% of the vote (15 votes)
Austin with 10.62% of the vote (12 votes)
Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa each with 4.42% of the vote (5 votes)
San Antonio with 3.45% of the vote (4 votes)

My thanks to all who participated, and if there are any suggestions on the city of Other, please feel free to contact me regarding it, at thesteampunktribune [at] yahoo [dot] com!

Unattributed image of old London, per Mythania.com
(a view of a era city with *no* Steampunk attributes)

Now onto the next vote, which suprisingly enough, has little to do with regional geography.  As I was on the back veranda of the Heliograph building in New Babbage, doing a bit of in-world correspondence, I began to wonder about the amount of Steampunk builds in the region (Wheatstone Waterways).  Where I reside at (the Southwest corner), I can easily count three airships, a giant telescope, and on a good day (or expanded draw selection on my browser), I can see the giant Tesla coil fluctuating in the background.

It had me wondering, how much is too much or not enough, concerning the appearance of a Steampunk Victorian city?  Most classic works I have read have essentially no outward appearance of Steampunk, with perhaps one or two extremely unique aspects (say, the barrel of a giant gun to launch a select group of adventurers to the moon {A Trip to the Moon}).  Other representations run along the lines of more pronounced imagery of Steampunk in a Victorian city, such as

(a Steampunk city with… “more differences”)

Nothing different it should look like a classic Victorian city
Small differences perhaps an airship or unusual building here and there, but it should still have a classic Victorian city skyline.
Many difference Airships, Giant Tesla coils, giant telescopes, and many other odd additions to a Victorian cityscape.  Another option might be something even futuristic for the genre, say along the lines of cinematograph Metropolis city!
Completely different A sky-city, an underwater metropolis, perhaps even an encapsulated city on another world.

The poll will be listed on the left side of the blog, as always, and the old poll will be on the bottom right of your screen.  Thanks in advance for voting!

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