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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Engines of Destiny… a fantastic work in progress!

While hunting down works and news, I came across a unique set of videos, as part of production which, sad to say, has had little to no highlighting, much to my surprise.  It happens to be a new production, titled “Engines of Destiny“, and after a visit to their website, I must say I’m quite impressed with their work, as they continue on their project!

From what I’ve discerned, they are a small independent group of filmmakers, who are busy producing a Steampunk movie, albeit as they say, a “no-budget” epic.  However, after reading their accumulated production entries, they have done quite a yeoman job with the aforementioned “no budget”.

There are time lapses in the entries, which I would logically attribute to have a work-a-day employ (bit of a vexing situation but one does have to pay the bill – I suppose).  Fortunatly, they did upload a series of excellent character profiles, in addition to their production status works.

However, they haven’t added any new videos on their work since February of this year, though they do keep up with the production stills, and appear to be diligently heading toward completion (perhaps a Kickstarter funding option might help)?  Nonetheless, do consider a visit to their home page to keep up with their latest news, located at: http://www.obviousnotion.com/engines_of_destiny/

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