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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Steampunk Reconstruction: The Vulcania Volunteers

“Giant Squid Astern”, by Mr. David McCamant
While I was searching for new Steampunk bits to blog about, located an outstanding site on The Steampunk Empire (from Mr. Spectre in the “Sons and Daughters of Nemo” group”).  The Vulcania Volunteers are a group of artists and designers who are intent on… 
“Using research, study, and analysis of the 1954 ‘Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’ to imagine and render this (Harper Goff’s Nautilus) vessel as though she were an operational vessel of that era”.
To this means, the Vulcania Volunteers have crafted both artistic imagery and reproductions of the classic submarine that every sailor really wanted to sail on.  The provided images are backgrounds that are kindly provided gratis, but even more enticing are the schematics of the classic Verne ship, which are on sale, including a giant 36′ x48′ inch poster, perfect for framing!

“Fatal Destiny” by Mr. David McCamant

Also, there are a limited selection of props available, including a stylized air vent, a “riser”, and a prop firearm (Captain Nemo’s Underwater Rifle).  Alas, I have had difficulties locating their email (the link doesn’t seem to work for me), but they are available for acquisition, so if one does locate the address, please do forward it!

“Another Journey”, by Mr. David McCamant

Do take a moment (if you haven’t already), and pay a visit to the Vulcania Volunteers, and see their amazing works, at:

Also, Mr. McCamant’s own website is located at:

(Finally, a steamy “Tip of the Hat” to Mr. Spectre, who posted this article, along with other clever artwork at the Steampunk Empire’s “Sons and Daughters of Nemo”, at:

(Image from the “Sons and Daughters of Nemo” Steampunk Empire group)


Buzz Ryan

Thank you Dr. Fabre and the Heliograph Blog for your recognition and high praise for The Sons and Daughters of Nemo. I am quite humbled but not enough so to state out of period and all, DIVE PUNKS ROCK!

Specre, Steward of The Sons and Daughters of Nemo

Dr. Rafael Fabre

A pleasure, sir – I enjoy visiting, and look forward to your posts!