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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Facebook Pages 3 – Airships!

Yes, even more airships than one can shake a proverbial stick at!  As I shuffled though the collection of Facebook links for the second installment (the previous listing), I was amazed at how many “Airship” groups there were in the aether.  As such, I would be remiss not to include them, on their own special installation of the Steampunk Tribune’s Steampunk Facebook Pages.  
However, I would like to add one more non-Airship Facebook entry, submitted after my prior listing!
The Loyal Fans of Dr. Grymm Laboratories has its outstanding Facebook site, located at:
(Do stop by and “like” the good doctor!)… and now for the airships….
Ace of Spades: Airship & Crew

Airship 67

Airship Advocacy

Airship Aledita

Airship Alethia
Airship Ambassador
Airship Arcadia

Airship Archaeopteryx

Airship Belladonna

Airship Celeste

Airship Cloudbreaker

Airship Coffee (Coffee enterpirse…mmm, coffee…)

Airship Constantine

Airship CSS Thunderstrike

Airship Daedalus

Airship Daedalus (pulp adventure)

Airship Dionysus

Maritime Arts

That is the listings for the time being!  I will endeavor to post them to the sideboard, below the banner, for easier access – at a later date.  Hope these listings are useful – if there are more Facebook listings I’ve missed (and I’m certain there are), feel free to forward them to me for the next update!  Fair winds, following seas, and happy 4th of July (in the US)!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Steampunk Facebook Pages, Part 2!

After a bit of time consolidating the list, I am stepping forward with the second of the updates to the Facebook Steampunk listings.  Since the original list began, I was a tad surprised at how many more have come to light since the beginning of the year.  Nonetheless, I did wish to highlight a few groups (specifically, those who have been patiently waiting for my laggard ways regarding on posting)!  So, without further ado, here is Part 2 of Steampunk Facebook Pages…
Airship Ambassador
Mantecoza Webseries 
Steampunk France
Steampunk Chronicle
Victoria Steam Exposition II
Shadowbinders (Steampunk Comic)
AustinPeay SteampunkUniversity
Mercenarios de DIOS
Arizona Steampunk Society 
AZ SPS Duels
SPACE: 1889 & Beyond Official Press Release
and a few others I’ve added to the listing!….
The Aeronauts (Band)
The Artifice Club
The Boiler Room: Props, Costumes, & Oddities
The Clockwork Cabaret (Steampunk Radio)
Davenport & Winkleperry
Emmett Davenport (Wireless entertainer)
Klaude Davenport (Wireless entertainer)
Dim Horizon Studio (Artistic Enterprise)
Dr. Q (Public Figure)
Emerald City Steampunk Expo
The Extraordinary Contraptions (Band)
G.D. Falksen (Author)
Great New England Steampunk Exhibition (New Group)
The Hemlock Emporium (Steampunk Fashion)
Ladies against corset entrapment
The Men that will not be blamed for Nothing (Band)
Mr. B, the Gentleman Rhymer
NY Steam
Penny Dreadful Productions
Phoenix Cog (LARP)
Professor Elemental (Musician)
Spokane Steampunk
SteamCog System (for the Phoenix LARP)
Steampunk Brew Pub
Steampunk Conventions
Steampunk Circus
Steampunks of MD-NoVA-DC
Steampunk NZ
Steampunk Retrofuturism Catalan
Steampunk Show
Steampunk Supply (Enterprise)
Steampunk (Mr. Stephen Hunt, Steampunk Author)
Up in the Aether – Detroit’s Monthly Steampunk Gathering
Well, that is the list for Part 2!  There is projected a Part3, and Part 4, however.  Part 3 is a thematic Facebook page, which I will post later this week, and as one might surmise, Part 4 will be a continuation of those individuals who I have missed on this listing.  As I’m learning, Facebook is ever evolving, so though I endeavor to keep up with the additions, and with the upcoming archiving of old groups in Facebook, I do appreciate a spoonful of patience!  As always, if your group/organization/musical endeavor/business enterprise has a Facebook page, please feel free to forward it for the listing!