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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Facebook Poll Question…

Well, I’ve been quite remiss with my Facebook link updates, and will be rectifying this challenge in the immediate future, but for now, I did have a question for functionality regarding this topic.  I am a bit torn as to what format would be the best manner to list the entirety of the Steampunk Facebook groups, so I’m hoping a brief poll (no, not the type to hit one on the head with!) regarding placement of the Steampunk Facebook links would be best.  I”m considering the following options…
1) Expand the sidebar of the Steampunk Tribune to include the body of the Steampunk links (e.g. it will be easily visible to anyone (by simply scrolling down the blog, but it will be… very long).
2) Add it as a page to the top of the blog (keeps the site a tad cleaner, and consolidates the links onto one page, which can still be easily seen, and easily accessed).
3) Migrate all Steampunk Facebook address to the Steampunk Facebook page, and promote this website a bit more (located at: http://steampunkfacebook.blogspot.com/ )
(This page has been around for a bit, but gets little traffic, so I figure I would expend a bit more effort at promoting it).
So there you are, 1) add links to the sideabar; 2) add a new “page” at the top of the blog; or 3) migrate all Facebook pages to the Steampunk Facebook website).  Please do feel free for other suggestions (please to keep it civil, tyvm!), and I’ll end the voting on the 15th of December, with a goal of implementing the preferred choice by the New Year!


Alison DeLuca

I never knew about the steamfacebook site! Adding that one to my list.

Personally, I love this blog and have it listed on my own blog, so Id hate to see it go. Perhaps a bit of consolidation is in order, though, or at least some seamless interaction between the two blogs.

And – I voted on the sidebar. 🙂


Dear Miss DeLuca,
Thank you for the kind compliments! I have been remiss regarding the Facebook links (for boring RL reasons), but Im glad you enjoy this small endeavor, and thank you very much for your vote as well!
Dr. Rafael A. Fabre
Editor, The Steampunk Tribune