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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Steampunk Travelogue: Antoni Gaudi Park (Parc Guell)

Landing point of Parc Guell

Today’s Steampunk Travelogue is intriguing for a numbers unique reasons.  First, today’s sim, the Antoni Gaudi Park (Parc Guell), is based not only a real location, but based on a legendary RL architect, Antoni Gaudi  (I’ve linked his biographical Wiki here – its an amazing story, but too long even for the Tribune)!  Not only was he prominent towards the latter portion of the Steampunk era, but his signature works (yes, including the Sagrada Familia – another amazing story), have a distinctive and stunning look which set it apart from the better know styles of Art Nouveau, Arts & Crafts, and other styles of the time.  Finally, the entire build is not located on the ground, but in a well done skybox – floating rocks to be exact.

Main stairway in the park, in Second Life…
One of the nicer opportunities in Second Life is to pay a visit to virtual recreations of Real Life locations.  Unfortunately, I have never had the chance to visit Parc Guell, but the virtual rendition is an excellent experience.  From what I have seen, comparing RL photos to SL photos, the designers have done a yeoman job of integrating the brick-and-mortar version to the virtual recreation.

The Grand Dragon Fountain in Second Life…
One of my favorite details is the Grand Dragon Fountain statue, which one can see measures up comparably between the real and virtual versions.  I didn’t seen any water in the virtual one, so I’ll have to return and pay a visit, just to make sure.

Walkway and plaza of the park

Its Catalan Modernism look isn’t what the majority of people involved with Steampunk may recognize, but as influential and innovative design, it reflects the experimental and unique flavor of Steampunk – in either world!

An overview of the highest point of the park

I did chuckle at the somewhat sideways compliment when I saw the sim floating on top of a set of boulders – seemed as if it was a complement to another Catalan great, Salvador Dali!  Also, if one becomes enamored of the build, at the entrance of the park, there are two small endeavors – a Gaudi museum, and a store, selling copies of parts of the sim.  Some of them can be primmy, but then again, its art – so you’ll have to sacrifice something!

The peak of Parc Guell, with a beautiful view!

I most certainly recommend a trip to Parc Guell, and indulge it its unique Steampunk design!  To pay a visit, do head over it, via:

To learn more and see more about the Parc Guell, please visit:

The Parc’s Wiki:
UNESCO’s World Heritage Convention Site:
Great Buildings Online:
The Gaudi Club:’s website:

… and as an extra bonus, a trip to the RL Parc Guell, from the kind people at!

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