final edition of gatehouse gazette

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The final edition of the Gatehouse Gazette..

Sadly, Mr. Nick Ottens, the editor of the respected and well-established Gatehouse Gazette, has released what is the final edition of perhaps the best online Steampunk magazine many enthusiasts of the genre have had the opportunity to enjoy.  In this final edition of the Gazette, one can indulge in excellent genre articles, such as possibilities of Steampunk adventure on the African continent, an excellent piece on Germany’s “Lion of Africa”, how trains introduced change into modern warfare, outstanding reviews of Steampunk related media (such as “Mrs. Darcy and the Aliens”, “The Three Musketeers”, and the ever popular novelization of “Space: 1889”), along with interviews, regular columns, Steampunk fiction, and a bit more insight on the history of the Gatehouse Gazette, and some of the reasoning behind its finalization.  However, I do wish to doff my hat to the efforts of Mr. Ottens, Dr. Molinarius, Miss Heyvaert, Mr. van Olffen, Mr. Piecraft, Mr. Rauchfuss, Ms. McCleary, and all the countless contributors who made the Gatehouse Gazette indelible imprint on furthering Steampunk and Dieselpunk genres – Thank you.

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I am being a little nit-picky here, Mr. RauchfuB, you used a capital B at the end,the letter should be an "ß" (I hope this is displayed correctly), just substitute the "B" with a "ss" the German special letter "ß" is basically nothing but a "ss".
And i case you wonder, yes, I am actually Mr. Rauchfuss of the Gatehouse Gazette. (and you do not need to release this comment, just correct my name) 😉