five survival rules for steampunk

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Five survival rules for a Steampunk Convention… and Dr. Who on Tesla Coils!

Montegue Jacques Fromage, and Syntheia Finklepott at the Steampunk Film , Art, and Music Festival in Gettysburg – Photo by Sean Simmers

Came across a very nice article regarding Steampunk at Gettysburg: Film, Art, and Music Festival, by, Ms. J. Hatmaker, which touched upon a few intriguing items to consider if one visits a Steampunk convention.  Specifically, her article on the “Five rules for surviving a Steampunk Convention” did elicit a grin, as for those who have made a trek to a Steampunk Con will consider.  I certainly do recommend both articles, and hope that those inviduals who had the opportunity to visit Steampunk at Gettysburg had a wonderful time.  (Also, plenty of excellen photos from visitors embeded in the work – do take a gander that them!)

And if one hasn’t already seen this small bit on I09, or the Traveller’s Steampunk Blog, the University of Illionis-Champaign’s Engineering Open House (EOH), had a very nice rendition of the Doctor Who theme, played with accompanying Tesla coils!  The camera is a tad shaky, but it most certainly would have been an even to behold in person – do enjoy!

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