gatehouse gazette issue 3

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gatehouse Gazette, Issue #3

Only a *couple* of day behind the times, but Otten’s Gatehouse has released issue three of the Gatehouse Gazette. This excellent periodical includes a wide variety of Steampunk topics, and this issue focuses on Steampunk era attire, including articles on…

– Mr. Beau Brummell, a synopsis of a RL gentlemen whose decisions influenced the appearance of Victorian men for almost a century,

– Mr. Joshua Pfeiffer (aka Vernian Process) History of Vernian Process,

– and an analysis of Air Ship Pirate attire by Miss Hilde Heyvaert, one of Steampunks sharper eyes in such matters, among the numerous pieces in issue #3.

Do take the opportunity to visit the Gatehouse, and indulge in the latest issue of the Gazette, by turning to…


Bamika Easterman

Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful publication!

Dr. Rafael Fabre

@ Miss Easterman,
The Gazette is quite good, as is the entierity of Otten’s Gatehouse. One can spend a good amount of time simply looking around at all of the works there.


Thank you very much for featuring it at your fine blog, Sir!