grand opening of apocolyptica

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Grand Opening of Apocolyptica…

From the owners of Steampowered Nuts and Unzipped (Mr. Thomas Keen and Miss Destany Laval) comes the first Steampunk combat simApocolyptica! They have taken their own unique (but quite recognizable) brand of steampunk and applied to a combat rp environment. After perusing their extensive retail outlet, do consider investigating Apocolyptica, as to quote the group trailer…

“A full DCS2 Steampunk / post-apoclypitic themed sim. Where the past emerges in a dark future. Rebuild or Destroy? You Decide!”

I am quite the fan of new ideas, and certainly hope for the best with Apocolyptica.

To visit the locale directly, please turn left to:

Also, to visit their website (which is still undergoing a bit of construction), please turn right to:

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