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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Heliograph presents… The Heliograph

While doing a bit of research, I actually located a precursor to this Heliograph, titled… The Heliograph (and I thought I was being original with the title). The original editor of this early print version of the Heliograph described it as such…
The Heliograph was a small-press ‘zine which first appeared in 1996. It was vaguely popular in its day, and I still have people asking me when it’s returning and requesting back issues.

Well, sad to say it won’t be returning in its dead tree format, but I’ve decided to convert the old issues into electronic format and put them online.If anyone is interested enough to submit fiction, or artwork, or whatever, I’ll look into relaunching the Heliograph as a regular e-zine. Please direct any enquiries to me at this address.

If you are a former contributor and would like something removed due to copyright reasons or suchlike, just contact me on the above address and I’ll happily oblige.

-Mr. Mike Grant
There are five past issues to view, and the works are more Steampunk-esque fan fiction. The quality varies (based on the writer), but with pieces such as the “Great Airship Scare, the “Man who lived in a Clock”, and the “New Improved Accelereator”, it makes for an intersting peek into Steampunk, before the genre became as well-known as it is now.
To view it, please turn to:


Mike Grant

Mike Grant here! I saw some visitors coming from your site in the log so decided to come see what was what. An interesting blog!

BTW, after I started “The Heliograph” I discovered there was a gaming company called Heliograph, Inc. who produced the amusing “Space 1889” RPG (now online at http://www.heliograph.com/space1889/) So if I did start it up again I’d definitely pick some other name… but what??