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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Heliograph Sponsors – Chrononaut Mercantile’s Launch and Giveaway!

One of the “New Year’s Resolutions” I made for the Heliograph was to make an attempt to promote the efforts of Steampunk enterprises in both the real world and Second Life realms.  To my good fortune, Chrononaut Mercantile was gracious to obtain a spot on the blog.

German Steampunk Goggles (Perfect for long aether voyages!)
Chrononaut Mercantile has a unique and varied selection of items, with an impressive collection of Steampunk attire, accessories, and jewelry – from high quality goggles to finely crafted necklaces and earrings.  Additionally, they have a multitude of clothes, equipment and supplemental pieces from longitudinal genres which mesh quite well with our beloved Steampunk world.

New Year’s Giveaway – The Chrononaut Pendant 

In fact, they are currently holding a giveaway to start the new year!  For a limited time only, the Chrononaut Pendant (picture above) will be given to the best post on the Steampunk Empire’s thread (located here).  Do hurry – Miss Kahn will make the selection for best comment on Wednesday, the 15th of January!

Do take a moment to visit their main website, at: http://www.chrononautmercantile.com/ , and see the impressive selection of goods offered!  While you are visiting, do take the opportunity to subscribe to Chrononaut Mercantile’s email listings, to ensure that you will be privy to their newest goods!

(A “Tip of the Hat” to the Steampunk Librarian for her timely lead – my thanks, madam!)

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*grins* .. lovely goggles but the Pendant .. ohhh 🙂