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Thursday, March 5, 2009

CG Society: Steampunk “Myths & Legends” Winners

A bit ago, I stumbled across a unique small movie, whose name eluded me for quite a bit of time. Fortunately, not only did I locate its name (“Hemlock”, by Mr. Tyson Ibele), but also found that the CG Society had announced its winners for its Steampunk “Myths & Legends” competition. This global competition consisted of extremely talented artists and animators remaking classic legends and stories in a Steampunk theme.

“Odyssesus’ Departure”, by Mr. Aleksander Novak-Kemplinski (USA)
Winner of the “Lighting” category

Not only are a wide variety of Steampunk styles represented here, but the majority of them were animations, infusing Steampunk art and style with CG animation. The Team Entry winner, “EMET”, by the Bonsaininja Studio team, is a fascinating short to behold, along with the winner for Team Excellence, the short “Atlantis – An Inconvient Truth”.

“Steamnocchio” by Mr. Fabricio Moraes (Brazil)
Winner of the Image (Individual) Master Award

Though the majority of the shorts are, well, short, I am certain there is plenty of inspiration to be garnered from viewing not only the winners, but also by watching the cacophony of entrants. Each entry also contains background on the inspiration of the work and other assorted details about the piece in question.

“Alice’s Adventure in Steamland”, by Mssr Guillaume Dubois
Best Character Award

Do take a moment to pay it a visit, but keep an eye on the clock – it is quite easy to lose track of time watching these amazing works! To see the rest of the competition, please turn to:

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