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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Steampunk Entertainment: The Aethereal Adventures of Emma Verne

It is amazing to see what has been produced over the last couple of years regarding steampunk media – such as the webcomic Emma Verne. The artist and author, a mysterious Mr. David, has begun to groom yet another version of Steampunk, with his young protoganist, and in his words…
The Grand Fleet of the Navy
“Meet Emma Verne. Emma is a spunky, street-smart girl who lives aboard the spacefaring airship city Ursae. Raised by her foster parents Lord and Lady Beauvolt, Emma has developed a knack for creating mischief about the city – both helpful and harmful.
But Emmas troublemaking is quickly overshadowed when a group of orcish immigrants arrive aboard the cityship. When her orcish friend Humphreys brother is arrested under questionable circumstances, Emma and Humphrey scour the city to find out why. The trail leads them from pirates to naval officers to the very Lords of the Fleet – and a shadowy saboteur with a deadly agenda.”
Image of a Steam-truck with an blue-skinned (Orc, I believe) worker riding on its sideboard
An entertaining and artistically enjoyable endevor, Emma Verne has progressed up to (about 28 pages). Although it has been on hiatus since January, there is hope the author will return to continue the adventures of Emma Verne.
To see the adventures of Miss Emma Verne, please visit:

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