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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Horrible Histories – Vile Victorians!

Horrible Histories: Victorian Names
(Yay, Minty Badger!)

As I as shuffling about the Steampunk Links, I came across an outstanding entry from the dependably entertaining and informative Steampunk blog Trial by Steam.  The title of Miss A.E. Flint’s entry, Horrible Histories: Vile Victorians, piqued my curiosity, so I headed over, and couldn’t stop laughing at the the entry over Victorian Slang.  By accident, I opened up YouTube, and discovered there were yet more “True and Strange” works for Horrible Histories!

Horrible Histories: Victorian Beer

Miss A.E. Flint has found a treasure trove of entries which both amuse and educate!  Perhaps one might think that RL Steampunk is odd, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the real Victorian age!  These are only a small sample of the Victorian entries, and the even more extensive entries of other time periods and cultures (e.g. other English time periods {Tudors – Historical Wife Swap}, the Georgian Army, and more})!

Horrible Histories: Victorian Maid!

(A hat tip to the lovely Miss A.E. Flint @ Trial by Steam!)

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