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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Individual Profiles: SteelCobra Calamari

Mr. Calamari in Steampunk Gear

[Ed note: I met Mr. Calamari briefly a few weeks ago after I wrote a piece on his new Steampunk sim, Steeltopia. Unfortunatly, I had unwittenly written during his remodeling efforts, but will rectify this oversight once his efforts are completed.]
How did you become involved in the Victorian / Steampunk genre?

Since I started SL, I’ve been facinated at Caledon, I’ve always liked 19th century steampunk. But it was Caledon and it’s fast paced growth including Babbabgethat has really motivated me to change our sim to 19th century steampunk. Now that we have had a change from our boring modern theme, we now focus on creatinganother steampunk nation. Steampunk, has a way of having out of the ordinary crazy technology yet very believable. It’s a perfect theme for SL and attracts ALOT of attention.

When you are in SL, what do you usually do / spend time with?
Well, I’m usually, when not setting up connections you can find me trigger happy at my shooting range in Steeltopia.
Steeltopia Constitution Row District with Trolley

What locations do you enjoy the most?

I usually got to Caledon, especially recently, that place is HUGE and I have not even seen half of it what with all their sims. I’ve recently become addicted tothe fencing game En Garde thanks to my rubbing shoulders with the citizens of Caledon.

What is your favorite store in SL?

Ah ha, tough one ….. perhaps I’d go to Steam Powered Nuts as they have some VERY nice outfits!

Who is your most memorable individual in SL?

Well, I’d have to say, my partner/Empress/Co Owner of Steeltopia AquaEyedBlonde Isbell. She is a VERY good friend and more, a great support and motivation for me here in SL and RL.
Steeltopia Harbor District
Any last comments?

Well, it won’t be fair for me to promote anyone business as each are unique and no less interesting than the other. Just come on down to Steeltopia and enjoy yourselves.We even have a Coal Mine that is reputed to be haunted!
[Ed note, part 2: I am introducing a new entry, which is that of interviewing intriguing personages in the SL Steampunk / Victorian realms. If you know of someone you might “fit this bill”, please feel free to contact me at to nominate the individual in question!]

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