international steampunk

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

International Steampunk

Upon visiting the Steampunk Libriarian, I noticed a bit of Castillian that read “Alrededor del Mundo Steampunk” (Around the Steampunk World). Followed that thread, and went on my own small voyage of a number of international Steampunk sites… begining with the aformentioned!

“Alrededor del Mundo Steampunk” is as one can see, a Spanish Steampunk site, with numerous entries that pertain to Steampunk (in Spanish, as one can summize). To visit it, please turn to:

Steampunk SP – A Spanish forum that discusses the Steampunk genre…

Sociedad Agusta – A Spanish Victorian re-enactment group which holds events annually in Madrid.

and the last Spanish language entry is Steampunk Peru. It appears that the genre has established a foot hold in South America – outstanding!
An Italian Steampunk board, Laboratory of Time, exists at
… and a French offering, more of an artistic site, is at…
While not as comprehensive as I would prefer, it is quite encouraging to see the Steampunk genre expanding around the world, garnering more support as it grows internatinally. I shall post more sites as I discover them!