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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mantecoza, the webseries!

One series which most certainly deserves a plethora of coverage is the innovative upcoming webseries Mantecoza.  Set in an alternate Steampunk reality, as its introductory narrative states…

“Mantecoza tells the humorous adventures of Sebastian King, the newly christened Ring Wizard of the steampunk world of Mantecoza. Travelling between Earth and Mantecoza, Sebastian must defend both from the villainous Lord Barr.  Sebastian King (Aaron Ginn-Forsberg), a dime a dozen office drone, struggles to stay interested in his mind-numbing job while keeping his sister out of jail, and trying to find his mom in a decent group home.

Stuck in his responsible, mind-numbing life, it seemed nothing would ever change for Sebastian, until one fateful night when he received a ring and mystic word of power.  Sebastian is suddenly tossed into the fantastic and magical world of Mantecoza where he is declared the Ring Wizard and tasked with defending Mantecoza from the machinations of the evil Lord Barr and his murderous minions.  Assisting him with guidance and with her blade is the beautiful Lady Chenna Danbeau (Katherine Stewart), Minister of Wizard. It is her duty to keep Sebastian alive long enough to master the powers of the Ring.  Also joining him on his journey is his kleptomaniac larcenous younger sister Raven (Beth Alspaugh) and medieval re-creationist buddy Joe Kayze (James Leatherman).  Both find that the skills and hobbies that branded them slackers and losers on Earth may just give them the edge to be the heroes Mantecoza needs.”

Mantecoza Trailer #1

One very notable feature of this series is the exceptionally high quality cast and crew involved with the endeavor.  The cast has a vast repertoire of acting experience, ranging from Hollywood features, independent theater groups, to associated media productions, commercials, and films.  Additionally, the filmmakers harken from an experienced background in cinematographic production, so based on the trailer, musical video, and from what I’ve garnered from the website, I am quite optimistic that Mantecoza will do very well indeed – perhaps yet one more shinning point of light in the Steampunk sky.  I will endeavor to keep tabs on the newest goings on with Mantecoza, but to learn more, do consider a visit to their exceptional website, replete with news, blogs, future episodes, and much more, at:, and visit their Facebook site, at:

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