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Friday, July 3, 2009

New Babbage Events: The Obolenskidonian Incident

Observers gather at the Port Babbage Docks to see the gathering armadas…

During the past few weeks in New Babbage, Dr. Obolenski and his minions engineered a coup of City-State, during the mysterious absence of Mayor Tenk. However, the evening of the 3rd of July saw the forces of the Doctor defeated in an extended naval batte in Port Babbage and the Vernain Sea.

… and the battle is engaged!

Doctor Obolenski was reported to have perished in a mishap during the event (though no body was located. In his stead, Mr. Zebrati Merricks has assumed command of the Obolenskidonian forces, but the last word was that they were in retreat and life in New Babbage was slowly returning to normal.

The conflict ran quite long, so I (as many others) will be looking forward to the official narrative of this latest episode of New Babbage’s history

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On a lighter note, a kind lady (who’s name I lost just before I crashed for the umpteenth time last night, so my apologies, madam) informed me that as of the 2nd of July of 2009, I was 999 days old – so I guess I’m a millenarian, at 1,000 days old today! Hm.. don’t feel that old…

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Breezy Carver

Dear Dr. Fabre
A Most enjoyable Entry Sir (( yet again !! ))
and oh yess Most Important a Toast Happy 1000 days to YOU
.. cheers to a 1000 more to and for YOU the grid is indeed a much better place with YOU Sir !
ever Miss Carver