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Monday, July 7, 2008

Steampunk Travelogue: Rivet Town

The East side of Rivet Town, looking North on the main promanade

During an afternoon constitutional in the Palisade, I had the fortune to meet a Miss Lurra, a Scandinavian Steampunk adherent who happened to be visiting New Babbage. After a fairly lengthy conversation, she recommend a new Steampunk build with an interesting twist it was to be exclusively designed for Steampunk RP. An intriguing concept, one of the last things she mentioned was to ride the teacups when I arrived. I raised an eyebrow at the concept, but tped nonetheless to Rivet Town.

Entrance to the Rivet Beach Boardwalk (Rivet Town West)

I arrived at the edge of a boardwalk, with a Ferris wheel reminiscent of the first worlds fairs wheel, a beach boardwalk, and a number of amusement rides, including the teacup ride. After dizzying myself on it for a couple moments, I took a “lay of the land” to gather an idea of where to go first north or east.

The Teacup ride on the Boardwalk (and yes, it is operational!)

Rivet Town consists of three connected sims. The main juncture tp point is Rivet Town West, the board walk / beach / amusement center sim. To the north, just across the bridge, is Rivet Town North, which appears to be the “rougher” part of Rivet Town (including the docks on the Eastern side. Also, storefronts and/or artist stalls are available for a quite reasonable price in this area.

A distant view of the Ferris wheel and the beach house

Rivet Town East is the affluent portion of the sim, with a church, police station, and other genteel aspects of the Victorian era. Additionally, the large portion of the sims stores reside here, with some enterprises already in operation.

Rivet Town East, the upscale downtown area, currently home to numerous merchants

An impressive facet of the sim is the building appears to be a one-woman endeavor. Miss Grace Loundon has constructed the vast majority of the sims herself, and has shown not only a talent for building, but for doing quite a good job of capturing the disparate atmosphere of the Victorian age, as represented by the three existing sims.

The dangerous Rivet Town North, with darkened streets and mysterious alleys

I attempted to learn more about the Steampunk RP aspect of Rivet Town, especially since the New Babbage RP has grown quite dramatically during the past month. Unfortunately, the bulk of the information was via the group notices, which stated that the sim is expected to be officially open sometime nearing the end of July.

The Docks of North Rivet Town during the day – troubled waters abound here!

Rivet Town is a beautiful build, and a visit to any of the three sims would be worth the effort. As to the RP I am keeping tabs on its development, but if the build is representative of the RP plans, a richness of Steampunk excitement, intrigue, and Victorian indulgence appears to be in-store for this Steampunk sim.

To visit Rivet Town, please follow this SLurl…



Rivet Town is most certainly a beautiful build – it’s owned by a professional builder and it shows. I’m impressed by the amount of detailed thought that has gone into the back story and the quality of the roleplay on offer from the dedicated group of regulars. If you like Victorian or Steampunk roleplay this one is not to be missed!

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Dear Frances,
I cannot agree more! Not to let the “cat out of the bag” prematurely, I am working with its management on some means to keep up with their role play updates on the Heliograph – things happen so quickly in Rivet Town, I hardly have the time to update it here. When an arrangement is reached, I will make such an announcement.
Dr. Fabre