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Friday, April 23, 2010

Steamworks – Disney Imagination Competition entry for 2010

Found this entry for the Disney Imagination Competition titled “Steamworks”, which appears to be the design for an underground dining experience.  First, the Imagination Competition is necessarily to create a product or service, but to provide a springboard for future ideas and concepts for the Disney corporation.  So, as intriguing as the Steamworks dining facitliy may be, don’t expect to come to fruition (unless officially announced by the mouse’s empire, of course).  Still, an impressive work by the group of Mr. Nick Bova, Ms.  Colleen Murphy,  Mr. Matt Elser, and Mr. Evan Bujold.

Their narrative (associated with the YouTube posting) states…

Steamworks is a unique and entertaining dining experience for anyone and everyone! People of all ages and walks of life are welcome to join the hardworking creative force that drives the Disney Empire from the inside. Imagine stepping into a den of top mechanics, scientists, and inventors and being treated to a glimpse of the fantastic mechanisms and magic that keeps Disney running like a Swiss watch. Its a world that gives curious visitors a peek at Disney behind the scenes, without actually divulging the magic.Steamworks combines steam punk aesthetic with fine dining in a friendly open environment. A train ride that is separate from the restaurant takes visitors on a tour of the subterranean Steamworks facility. The conductor makes stops at laboratories, the kitchen, the main dining hall, and even quartz and iron ore mines all the while informing guests of the history of the restaurant and its purpose. Steamworks is the embodiment of hard work and ingenuity and the rewards they entitle. Disney would not be what it is if it were not for these principles and no matter who you are, you can take something great from being shown that your drive and motivation does pay off.Steamworks is the worlds premiere steam punk dining experience and any visitor to Disney is welcome among the ranks of its brilliant and hardworking crew. So pull up a chair, grab a bite, and treat yourself right! You earned it.

Best of luck on their entry, and with a bit of good fortune, the Steamworks may become reality someday!