more details about bioshock infinate

Friday, March 25, 2011

More details about BioShock Infinate are released…

IO9 has an interesting article on the upcoming BioShock Infinite, which is a very Steampunk rendition of a first-person shooter set on a floating city at the turn of the previous century.  However, beyond the immediate combat and adventure, the article discusses the influence on the work, including how artwork from the era was intergrated into the game, how historical events and literature affected the world (including a discussion of the award-winning “Devil and the White City” – a book I’d heartily recommend), and much more.  I’d certainly recommend a visit and take a read of the article, located at:!5785338/how-bioshock-infinites-creators-are-crafting-adventure-from-labor-strife-dead-horses-and-the-energy-of-the-tea-party
Though it won’t be released until some undetermined time in 2012, a ten minute trailer of game-play has been released a bit ago, and provides an amazing insight into the world (posted above).  For more details about BioShock Infinite, please consider visiting their wiki, at:
or their beautiful homepage, at:


Trevor Schmidt

I dunno if I can wait that long! Eeek..


@ Mr. Schmidt – I concur… itll be painful to wait!