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Thursday, March 6, 2008

More Steampunk Media: The Clockwork Cabaret

(Aboard the Airship Calpurnia, North Carolina) – After completing an entry for an earlier podcast, Miss Emmett Davenport, the eldest of the Davenport sisters, contacted me reagarding their production, aptly titled “The Clockwork Cabaret”.

After completing my rl responsibilities, I logged on, and was pleasantly suprised with their efforts. Miss Emmett and the younger Miss Klaude provide a unique combination of musical entertainment of artists I was not previously familiar with, but have come to enjoy, along with their escapades aboard the Calpurnia.

I must admit, listening to them is quite apropos while walking the streets of New Babbage… if you wish to indulge in their podcast, please proceed to the following links…


Elfod Nemeth

curious, I shall have a listen

Elfod Nemeth

having listened to a few I can it is indeed worth a listen

Emmett Davenport

Thank you very much for the kind mention!