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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Steampunk Travelogue: Steamshine Slade

Most Steampunk sims are urban recreations, along with a few Nautical Steampunk sims.  However, there is always an innovative idea that comes about, and a Steampunk getaway could certianly be counted as one of them!  As I was researching sims to add to the Travelogue, I came across one sim which was unfamilar to my “vast knowledge” of Steampunk sims – so obviously, I had to pay a visit!

The sim in question is Steamshine Slade – a beautiful Steampunk-themed beach escape nestled in a small corner of the virtual worlds.  At first blush, it is a central meeting area, with an intimate dance floor, seating, and a nice radio feed (which also has the listing of the song being played – always a nice touch).

I had the good fortune of meeting Mr. Johnathan Slade and his partner Ms. Shiny Cristole, who greeted me upon arriving at Steamshine Slade.  They explained that one of their goals was to provide a relaxing get away, with a Steampunk flavor – which they have most certainly accomplished!

In addition to their dance floor, they also have beautiful waterfalls, and even a Steampunk-themed Merry-Go-Round, which I have to admit taking a quick jaunt on (the lightbulb, if I recall correctly).  From a bit of exploration at the sim, beyond the observatory and airship, I did happen to see a few more projects in the works at Steamshine (such as a small theater), so every effort is being put forth to ensure Steamshine Slade is a destination of first choice.

I would most certainly recommend a visit to Steamshine Slade whenever one desires a getaway from the urban environment.  To do so, please take a trip to your new destination, at:

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