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Sunday, September 5, 2010

The most South’s most Steampunk city poll…. and searching for “Other”, Texas…

I was reviewing the poll entries for the latest poll and noticed a bit of anomaly.  It seems that the highest rated selection from the states in question for the last month, (Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, and New Mexico) was “Other”.  A bit confused at this development, so after a bit of thought I believe that the issue developed with the interjection of “South” in the title of the poll – a likely misstep on my part.

(I must admit I was quite tickled by this bit of art and its adjoining story – 
I’d be looking for this fellow in the Steam South!)

As such, I’ve decided to go ahead and post the next poll – one for which I’ve been waiting to post for quite a while.  This poll will be about the the most Steampunk city of the Southeastern United States.  I’ve taken the largest population centers (per Wikipedia), and put them on the sidebar, so voting is open until early November!  I’ll personally be very interested in its outcome – a plethora of justifiable choices to vote for!

Additionally, if one chose “Other” in the “Plains” poll, and was intent on finding a city in the Southeast, you can change your vote – or list whichever city I may have left off.  So, do enjoy casting your votes – if there are any issues, please do let me know!

Finally, I did stumble upon a few locations which seem appropriate for this entry.  First, there is a blog titled “Southern Steampunk – Gone with the Gears”.  Its had a good start, and with a bit of luck, the entries for it will pick back up.  To visit it, please do travel over to: .

One cannot end any piece on the Steampunk South with out mentioning the Steampunk Empire’s “Southern Steampunk Group”.  To read the latest going-ons, do pay it a visit, at:

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Art Donovan

I enjoyed the Steampunk Nouveau by Mary Chan. Nicely done.

Art Nouveau styling holds a wealth of design inspiration for unique and new Steampunk creations. I am currently incorporating elements of A.N. in my latest works.

Cheers to All! Art Donovan