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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Naval Intersim Cooperation: Thorn Island Summit

The Thorn Island meeting in session
(Caledon Sound) The first official inter-cooperation Naval summit took place on Thorn Island yesterday between New Babbage, Antiquity, and Caledon, to address numerous developing issues between the Victorian sim, albeit with a focus on maritime activities.
The meeting establishment in Caledon Sound
The New Babbage Majestic Navy was represented by Admiral Titanas Vella and his attaché, Marine Private Indigo Li. The Lord Admiral Fabre was in attendance for the Royal Antiquity Navy.
ADM Carrice Wind (seated) chairing the meeting and her assistant, Miss Friziel McGann
Commodore Sin Trenton was present for the Imperial Caledonian Navy, and the meeting was chaired by the Intrepid Admiral Carrice Wind, accompanied by her assistant, Friziel McGann.
After introductions and pleasantries, the meeting agenda was addressed and comprised of three general topics: Social events, inter-sim events and issues, and technical considerations.
NBMN ADM Titanas Vella (r), with Marine Pvt. Indigo Li (l)
Beginning with social events, a tentative agreement on arranging a Naval balls on a rotating basis between the three sims. The schedule for this will be planned at a later date, and Admiral Sputnik will be the point of contact for coordinating these events (as agreed upon by all present).
Lord ADM Fabre (l) and Commodore Trenton (r)
The next topic was a bit different, involving inter-sim visits, confrontations, and exercises. In an effort to prevent conflagrations such as the “Middlesea Incident”
( , , which ended peacefully, but had the potential for unnecessary conflict), an attaché will be assigned to coordinate interactions and ship/fleet visits to the adjoining sims. This will avoid any confusion among the navies and the local citizenry if they see a foreign ship in their waters.
Southerly view of the Thorn Island Summit
Addressing any piratical issues were placed on the back burner after their disastrous drubbing in Antiquity they are considered dispersed and pose little threat to the Victorian sims.
ADM Sputnik arrives after escaping the debutantes
Technical topics included reviews of ships/combat systems, future technical considerations, and a demonstration. Issues concerning ship systems was an interesting debate, with a resulting agreement on using SPD ships for anti-pirate suppression and “flying the colors” (official visit purposes), and ironclads for other combat, due to their lower prim count (easier to do when there are no sails involved). A comprehensive system was discussed for use between the sims (one that would merge ship combat, personal combat, and aero-combat), but is still in the concept phase. It may be addressed in a future meeting, as Admiral Wind is reviewing aspects of it
Caledonian Drop Ship on display
Admiral Wind demonstrated the Caledonian Drop Ship at the meeting, one that had see earlier use in pacification actions, and then graciously provided one to each of the visiting Navies.
Toasts and relaxation at the end of a successful summit
Admiral Sputnik was able to escape the debutantes and join us as we wrapped up the meeting, which ended with speeches, toasts and Sanchon rum. The meeting was quite successful in addressing existing issues, and future meetings should help develop interaction and cooperation between the Navies and by extension, the Victorian sims.

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