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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Need a good Steampunk book to go? Visit Steampunk Kindle!

I’ve been unfortunate in the sense that I have not had much opportunity to indulge in Steampunk literature (as opposed to the maw of legal regulations I have the “opportunity” to read for my RL employ).  However, earlier this year I did acquire a Kindle for the other half, and she’s been reading it non-stop – quite smitten with it, I’d say.  Alas, aside from Steampunk classics, I haven’t uploaded much good (read: Steampunk) literature to her little machine.  However… that issue is now resolved!

Steampunk Kindle is your one-stop online location for the nexus of Steampunk and Kindle!   Every thing from Steampunk book reviews for Kindle-friendly works, Steampunk-esque cover, and even “snazzier” Steampunk screen savers are available for your Kindle!  So if you are fortunate enough to have one, or have access to one (ahem), do pay a visit and start upgrading your lithe literature device with a bit of Steampunk!

To start, simply head over to….

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