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Monday, October 13, 2008

Neo-Victorian Military Uniforms, Part 2

Wandering around the Vernian Sea in the Aerodyne Skyship Captain uniform (seems a bit counter intuitive, now that I think about it…)

As part of the continuing series of SL Victorian and Steampunk Militaria, four more choices for attire are on the agenda for this piece. So without further ado

La Bicyclette (Antiquity Township)

One of the oldest suppliers of militaria in the SL Neo-Victorian realms, La Bicyclette has a number of options for those wishing to recreate the splendor of an earlier age.

My good friend Miss Tombola has a variety of uniforms spanning the early to late 19th century, and a couple of early 20th century designs, with one of my favorites being the (fill in), which is reminiscent of the adventurers of the early 30s (not to name a specific movie series)

(The aforementioned garments)…

To visit her Antiquity Township store, please turn to:

~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

Old Glory (Steelhead Boomtown)

As Steelhead is a recreation of a western US city (with strong Steampunk overtones), Old Glory is a perfect fit, providing high quality recreation of both Union and Confederate attire.

A comprehensive collection of US Civil War attire can be found here

One best aspect of the goods provided is the attention to detail of not only the workmanship, but the inclusion of additional accessories, flags, and other items from this era. Whether your choice be Blue or Grey, one cannot go wrong when acquiring a uniform from Old Glory.

To visit Old Glory, please turn to:

~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

Battlefields (Antiquity Shouls)

Another provider of military attire in SL Neo-Victorian simulations, Battlefields, in Antiquity Shouls Legionnaires Square not only provides the official uniform for the Napoleons Empire Army, but carries other options for military gear.

Space is being cleared for more items to come!….

In addition to the era specific uniforms, I was completely surprised to see a Guardia Civil uniform (Spanish Military Police the guys with the hats that are flat in the back) in stock (another first for me in SL). If Im not mistaken, they are undergoing a review of their stock currently, but even so, I do heartily recommend a visit!

To visit Battlefields, please head towards:

~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

Xcentricity (Port Babbage)

Perhaps it was kismet that I happened to finally meet the delightful Miss Nix Sands while she was performing some maintenance in her Port Babbage store, as I was lucky enough to discover a unique and impressive Steampunk Aeronautic uniform. Though she may not be known for military attire, her “Aerodyne Sky Captain” uniform sets a new standard for Steampunk militaria. The set comprises of basic pieces, but also includes a number of interchangeable items, such as vests, pants, gloves and more all done with quite colorful panache.

The prim work on the epaulets and cuffs are outstanding, both having a trilobites motif constructed in excruciating detail. Additionally, her “Airship Captain’s Crushed Cap” is a must-have addition to the set, but even this simple item comes with impressive additions, including glasses that fold up and down, and more of her exemplary detail work on the military cover.

During our discussion, she informed me that the “Aerodyne Captain” was in the running at the Rivet Town Inventors Expo Im quite happy that I waited (procrastinated) to submit my vote, as I do believe this is one of the best Steampunk uniforms in SL.

To visit her Caledon Penzance flagship store, please turn to:

~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

(Hey, who is this fellow? Miss Tombola must have been pretty desperate to have this ugly mug on her photos!)



As always, another top notch posting.

Even though the following pictures aren’t from 2L but City of Heroes, I saw the relevance to a certain degree seeing as how my friends and I have created Steampunk/Neo-Victorian heroes in an online community of sorts.

The fellow with the oversized gauntlets is Dr. Simon Castle, inventor of the Castle Fencing Gauntlets. The gentleman he is conversing with his Mr. Briggs, chief engineer of the airship they are assigned to (The Dauntless).

The two soldiers are Sgt. Rook (in black pantaloons) and Capt. Graves (with white sleeves).

Baron K. Wulfenbach

Herr Doktor,

I should also like to point out that Herr (or sometimes Fraulein) Sands has been kind enough to place vendors with his trilobite-featured garments in four of the six consulate offices (I must speak to him about the other two, they need special extra-low-prim handling).


Klaus Wulfenbach