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Friday, March 21, 2008

Steampunk Travelogue: Cybavaria

Night view of Cybavaria
(Cybavaria) – A while ago I stumbled upon Cybavaria, a sim being built by Mr. Case Schnabel, while I was searching for the remnants of Neualtenberg. I was quite impressed with his work at the time, but opted to wait until it was finished before mentioning his efforts.
The welcoming center, in English and German
I later had difficulties attempting to locate it, but fortunatly, it was featured on New World Notes on March 13th, with the entertainment including the Cyberpiper and the Changhigh Trinity Sisters Fireshow (on the 16th).
King Ludwig II’s Castle
Unfortuantly, I missed the show, but did return to visit King Ludwig II’s castle (which was under construction when I first visited it).
The main chamber of the castle
Cybavaria has an intriguing mix of middle European culture and Steampunk influences worth visiting. When I stopped by, it was deserted, but I’m certain that in the future it shall become more popular as it becomes better known.
The Throne Roome (I snuck a peak…)

Reading a passage in the King’s library

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