new victorians and tintypes in new york

Friday, November 13, 2009

The New Victorians and Tintypes in the New York Times

While reading about the issues of the day yesterday, I stumbled upon a surprising article in the Style section which caught my eye, titled “Just in from the 1890s“.  Not only did it review newer trends seen in fashion studios which are very similar to traditional gentlemen’s attire from the Steampunk era (or the “antiquarian aesthetic” look, as the author describes it), but the article provides details on the types of influences (e.g. older era military uniforms, greatcoats, suspenders) and an analysis of materials (e.g. tweed, flannel, denim).

Additionally, the piece has an enlightening article on Tintypes, a traditional means of photography used in the turn of the century.  The companion photograph slide-show illustrates the methods and work involved with producing these works, which are more involved than I had originally realized.

On the down side, there is the issue with pricing.  Looking at the photographs of the gentlemen in said attire is quite illustrative, but seeing the prices the purveyors wish to charge are stunning!  From a Spurr grey casual wool coat USD $2,695 to flannel shirts going for USD $75, the prices are enough to take one’s breath away. Then again, I would like to think that no self-respecting Steampunk individual would remotely consider these charges!  Still, the fact that the “New Victorian” style is making its way into the mainstream is perhaps a signal that the braying of the nay-sayers who proclaimed that “Steampunk is dead” are simply full of hot air.

To read this article, and see the multi-media work on “New Victorian” fashions and Tintypes, please turn to:

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Breezy Carver

Yikes ….. perhaps some folks who got the (secret) stimulus funds .. thinking wall street goes steampunk ..
modern day Robber Barons Indeed … really does make perfect (lol) sence Sir .. wonderful Share Dear Dr. Fabre as always 🙂