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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oddities, an outstanding television program!

A very nice blood-letting kit – in excellent condition!

After watching a bit of television, and enduring the traditional pap which passes for entertainment, I came across this unique show about traditional oddities, titled… “Oddities”.  The program revolves around a small shop in New York which specializes in unique items  – many of which are “those things” that you’d never have an idea how to obtain.  From traditional Victorian skeletons (and an explanation on how to tell the difference in quality between a new and older skeleton), unique older medical devices (such as an artificial hand demonstrating electrical burn, or cranial measurement tools), to things from the Steampunk era that are just bizarre (e.g. an “exploded skull” {a Beauchene skull}, stuffed tree sloth, or an electro-shock therapy machine)!

A Gothic clothing designer looks at corsets for inspiration!
An aspect I find very enjoyable, is that though the owners love their job, they treat it as a business.  Not only is the “hunt” for an item detailed, but the negotiations for the items are also shown.  To see the inner workings of a business is a nice treat, as its easy to display items that are interesting, but understanding the theories on pricing such unique things is very illuminating!  To indulge in more of this series, one can visit their website at Discovery.com, specifically here: http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/oddities/, to obtain a schedule of when it plays on the Discovery or Science channels… or just watch the videos online!

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